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stormbound detained, delayed, or cut off from communication by storms.
storm cellar a cellar or underground room used for refuge or safety during severe storms.
storm door an outer door added to protect the regular entrance door from bad weather.
storm petrel any of several small sea birds that have black or brown plumage, esp. one of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean areas; stormy petrel.
storm surge an often dangerous rise in sea level that accompanies a storm, particularly a hurricane.
storm trooper a member of the German Nazi militia, noted for its brutality and violence; Brownshirt.
stormy having or characterized by storms. [2 definitions]
stormy petrel a storm petrel. [2 definitions]
story1 an account of an event or sequence of events, either true or invented. [7 definitions]
story2 one horizontal division of a building; floor. [2 definitions]
storyboard a large panel or board of drawings presenting a sequence of images as they will appear in a video presentation, film, or advertisement.
storybook a book of stories, usu. for children. [2 definitions]
story line the plot or scheme of a story, play, show, or the like.
storyteller one who tells or writes stories. [2 definitions]
stotinka the smaller monetary unit of Bulgaria. (Cf. lev.)
stoup a font to hold consecrated water in a church.
stout physically strong; sturdy; thick. [6 definitions]
stout-hearted brave and determined; not easily frightened or discouraged; dauntless.
stove1 an apparatus that uses electricity or burns fuel to provide heat for cooking or for heating a dwelling. [2 definitions]
stove2 a past tense and past participle of stave.
stovepipe a cylindrical sheet metal pipe that conducts smoke and fumes from a stove into a vertical flue. [2 definitions]