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stormy petrel a storm petrel. [2 definitions]
story1 an account of an event or sequence of events, either true or invented. [7 definitions]
story2 one horizontal division of a building; floor. [2 definitions]
storyboard a large panel or board of drawings presenting a sequence of images as they will appear in a video presentation, film, or advertisement.
storybook a book of stories, usu. for children. [2 definitions]
story line the plot or scheme of a story, play, show, or the like.
storyteller one who tells or writes stories. [2 definitions]
stotinka the smaller monetary unit of Bulgaria. (Cf. lev.)
stoup a font to hold consecrated water in a church.
stout physically strong; sturdy; thick. [6 definitions]
stout-hearted brave and determined; not easily frightened or discouraged; dauntless.
stove1 an apparatus that uses electricity or burns fuel to provide heat for cooking or for heating a dwelling. [2 definitions]
stove2 a past tense and past participle of stave.
stovepipe a cylindrical sheet metal pipe that conducts smoke and fumes from a stove into a vertical flue. [2 definitions]
stow to put away or store in a place or container. [4 definitions]
stowage the act or process of stowing, or the condition or manner of being stowed. [4 definitions]
stowaway a passenger who conceals himself or herself aboard a ship or airplane in order to ride free or elude pursuit.
stow away to be a concealed passenger, as on a ship or airplane.
St. Paul the capital of Minnesota.
strabismus an abnormality in which the eye or eyes turn inward, preventing proper focusing; cross-eye; squint.
straddle to stay or move with the legs wide apart. [8 definitions]