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strangulate to choke or stifle; strangle. [2 definitions]
strap a thin, flat strip of flexible material, often with a fastener such as a buckle at one end, used to fasten or hold objects together or in position. [7 definitions]
strapless without straps or covering over the shoulders, as a woman's evening gown.
strapped (informal) short of funds or other resources.
strapping1 large and strong; robust.
strapping2 a whipping with, or as though with, a strap. [2 definitions]
strata a plural form of stratum.
stratagem a plan or trick to deceive, surprise, or outwit an opponent, esp. as a military maneuver. [2 definitions]
strategic concerning, marked by, or having the qualities of strategy. [3 definitions]
Strategic Defense Initiative a proposed U.S. defense system in which enemy missiles would be detected and destroyed in flight by weaponry contained in earth satellites, also known as Star Wars in reference to similar technology found in the science fiction saga of that name.
strategist an expert in designing strategy, or a maker of strategies.
strategize to plan or discuss strategy.
strategy a plan, method, or series of actions designed to achieve a specific goal or effect. [3 definitions]
Stratford-on-Avon a town in central England that is William Shakespeare's birthplace and burial place; Stratford-upon-Avon.
strati pl. of stratus.
stratify to form, arrange, or place in strata or layers. [4 definitions]
stratigraphic of, pertaining to, or involving stratigraphy.
stratigraphy the study of the origin, composition, and evolution of rock strata.
stratocumulus a low-altitude cloud type characterized by large dark horizontal masses with rounded summits.
stratopause the zone between the mesosphere and stratosphere wherein temperatures drop as altitude increases, about thirty-one to thirty-five miles above the earth.
stratosphere a layer of the upper atmosphere that extends from about six to about thirty miles above the earth's surface and has a relatively constant temperature. [2 definitions]