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subfreezing of a temperature, below the freezing point.
subgeneration combined form of generation.
subgenre combined form of genre.
subgoal combined form of goal.
subgovernment combined form of government.
subgroup a group with its own distinguishing features within a larger group; division; subset.
subgum of or designating various Chinese-American dishes prepared with mixed vegetables such as water chestnuts, mushrooms, and bean sprouts.
subhead a subheading.
subheading the heading or title of a section or subdivision of a printed text. [2 definitions]
subhuman less than human in evolutionary development.
subhumid combined form of humid.
subindex an index to a subdivision of a main or larger category. [2 definitions]
subindustry combined form of industry.
subinhibitory combined form of inhibitory.
subito abruptly; suddenly (used as a musical direction).
subj. abbreviation of "subject."
subjacent located or occurring below or underneath; underlying. [2 definitions]
subject the topic of what is said, written, studied, or the like. [14 definitions]
subjective formed or existing in a person's mind rather than in the world outside. [3 definitions]
subjectivism the quality or condition of being subjective. [2 definitions]
subjectless combined form of subject.