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succulent full of juice or sap; juicy. [3 definitions]
succumb to give in or give way to a fatal illness, superior force, overwhelming desire, or the like; yield.
such of this particular character or kind. [7 definitions]
such and such used to refer to a certain thing or things that are known but cannot be or are not wished to be mentioned specifically. [2 definitions]
such as for example. [2 definitions]
suchlike of the same or a similar kind. [2 definitions]
suck to pull into the mouth by using the tongue and lips to create a partial vacuum. [13 definitions]
sucker someone or something that sucks or that adheres by suction. [8 definitions]
sucker-punch to strike (someone) with a quick, unexpected blow.
sucker punch a quick, unexpected blow or punch.
suckle to put to the breast and allow to suck; breastfeed. [4 definitions]
suckling a young child or animal that has not yet been weaned.
sucrase an enzyme that stimulates the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose; invertase.
Sucre the nominal capital of Bolivia. (Cf. La Paz.)
sucre the chief monetary unit of Ecuador, equaling one hundred centavos.
sucrose the type of sugar obtained from sugar beets and sugar cane.
suction the act or process of sucking. [4 definitions]
suction pump a pump that draws up liquid by means of the vacuum created by the motion of a piston.
suctorial developed or adapted for suction or sucking, or having sucking organs.
Sudan a country in northeastern Africa, south of Egypt. [2 definitions]
Sudan grass a tall, annual sorghum grass grown for pasture and hay.