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sultry uncomfortably hot and humid. [2 definitions]
sum the total number or quantity that results from adding two or more numbers or quantities. [6 definitions]
sum- under; secretly.
sumac any of several small trees or shrubs bearing compound feathery leaves and clusters of red or whitish berries. (See poison sumac.) [2 definitions]
Sumatra a large island of western Indonesia in the Indian Ocean.
Sumer a region of ancient civilizations in what is now southern Iraq.
Sumerian of or pertaining to Sumer or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
sumi a mixture of soot and glue, made in the form of sticks that are dipped in water and used in a Japanese style of calligraphy and painting.
summa cum laude used to indicate the highest of three kinds of academic honors.
summarize to restate in a concise form. [2 definitions]
summary a short and usu. comprehensive statement of what has been previously stated. [3 definitions]
summary court-martial a court-martial composed of a single officer, for the trial of minor offenses.
summation a review of previously stated material, often including a conclusion or conclusions. [2 definitions]
summer the season of the year between spring and autumn, in the northern hemisphere continuing from the June solstice to the September equinox. [8 definitions]
summerhouse a small building or structure, such as a gazebo, located in a park, garden, or the like and meant to provide shade, esp. during a summer day.
summerize to make ready for or protect from the heat of summer.
summer sausage a kind of dried or smoked sausage that does not require refrigeration to prevent spoilage.
summer school a high school or college session conducted during the summer.
summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day on which the period from sunrise to sunset is longest, usu. June 21.
summer squash any of various kinds of squash, esp. a yellow variety, that must be eaten soon after harvest.
summer theater a theater that presents plays during the summer.