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supersmooth combined form of smooth.
supersoft combined form of soft.
supersonic exceeding or capable of exceeding the speed of sound waves through air.
supersonics (used with a sing. verb) the science or study of the aerodynamics of speeds greater than the speed of sound.
supersophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
superspecial combined form of special.
superspecialist combined form of specialist.
superspecialized combined form of specialized.
superspectacle combined form of spectacle.
superspectacular combined form of spectacular.
superspeculation combined form of speculation.
superspy combined form of spy.
superstar a widely popular performer, as in sports, films, or rock music.
superstate a state having power over other states.
superstation an independent television station whose broadcasts are relayed by satellite to cable television systems beyond the local broadcast area.
superstition a belief that has no basis in fact. [4 definitions]
superstitious believing in or having superstitions. [3 definitions]
superstratum combined form of stratum.
superstrength combined form of strength.
superstrike combined form of strike.
superstrong combined form of strong.