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supposition something that is supposed; assumption; hypothesis. [2 definitions]
supposititious inserted or substituted with deceitful intent; fraudulent; spurious. [2 definitions]
suppositive marked by, involving, or having the quality of supposition. [3 definitions]
suppository a solid piece of medicine that is inserted into the rectum or vagina, where it melts.
suppress to stop the activities or progress of, esp. by force. [4 definitions]
suppressant a drug designed to prevent undesirable symptoms or conditions.
suppression the act of suppressing or the state or being suppressed. [2 definitions]
suppurate to produce or release pus; fester.
suppuration the production or release of pus.
suppurative discharging pus. [3 definitions]
supra- above; over.
supranational outside of the boundaries or authority of a particular nation.
supraorbital above the eye socket. (Cf. suborbital.)
suprarenal situated on or above the kidney. [2 definitions]
supremacist a person who promotes the idea that a certain race or group is or should be supreme.
supremacy supreme power or authority. [2 definitions]
supreme having the highest rank, position, or authority. [3 definitions]
Supreme Court the highest federal court in the United States, consisting of nine appointed justices whose decisions on constitutional cases set precedents for all other courts in the nation. [2 definitions]
supreme sacrifice the sacrifice of one's own life, esp. to save the life of another.
Supreme Soviet the legislature or parliament of the former Soviet Union, which had two equal houses.
Supt. abbreviation of "Superintendent," one who supervises or administers an institution, area, job, or the like. [2 definitions]