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surcingle a girth or belt that wraps around the body of a horse to secure a saddle, pack, or the like to its back.
surcoat a loose outer garment, esp. a coat. [2 definitions]
surd of a speech sound, voiceless. (Cf. sonant.) [2 definitions]
sure free of doubt as to the truth or reliability of something; certain; positive. [6 definitions]
sure-fire (informal) certain to be successful; foolproof.
sure-footed not liable to trip, stumble, or fall.
surely certainly; positively. [5 definitions]
sure thing (informal) something considered certain to happen, succeed, win, or the like. [2 definitions]
surety something that is certain or sure; certainty. [3 definitions]
surf ocean waves that break on the shore or other land barriers. [3 definitions]
surface the exterior boundary of something. [10 definitions]
surface-active designating a substance that is capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid to which it is added.
surface tension the force at the surface of a liquid that tends to cause contraction and thus makes the surface somewhat like a tightly stretched membrane.
surface-to-air of or denoting a missile or the like that is launched from the ground toward a target or destination in the air.
surface-to-surface of or denoting a missile or the like that is launched from the ground and travels through the air to a target or destination on land.
surfactant a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, thereby allowing the liquid to spread more easily.
surfboard a long, narrow board on which a person kneels, stands, or lies while surfing.
surfboarding the sport of riding waves using a surfboard; surfing.
surfboat a boat with high ends that can be launched or landed in heavy breaking waves.
surf casting fishing by standing on the sea shore and casting the line beyond the surf.
surfeit an extra or excessive amount; oversupply; surplus. [4 definitions]