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sweatband a band of cloth or leather sewn into a hat to absorb sweat. [2 definitions]
sweatbox a box that holds products such as skins, fruits, or tobacco leaves during their curing or fermenting process. [2 definitions]
sweat equity (informal) the labor invested in a property, building, business, or the like that increases its worth.
sweater a knitted shirt, pullover, or jacket. [2 definitions]
sweat gland any of numerous tiny tubular glands located near the surface of the skin, that secrete sweat.
sweatpants pants made of cotton jersey, usu. having elastic at the cuffs and waistband, designed to be worn during exercise to induce sweating or absorb sweat.
sweatshirt a usu. long-sleeved cotton jersey pullover, often worn during exercise to induce sweating or absorb sweat.
sweatshop an establishment employing laborers at low wages, for unreasonable hours, or under unhealthy conditions.
sweaty moist or covered with sweat. [3 definitions]
Swede a native or citizen of Sweden, or a descendant thereof.
Sweden a Scandinavian country between Norway and Finland.
Swedish of or pertaining to Sweden or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Swedish massage a system of massage and exercise for treatment of muscle and joint disorders.
Swedish turnip a rutabaga.
sweep to clear (a surface) of dirt, dust, or debris by means of a broom or similar device. [16 definitions]
sweepback the slant of an airplane wing or other airfoil as it slopes back from the central structure of the aircraft.
sweeper a person, implement, or machine that sweeps.
sweep hand on a timepiece, a centrally-mounted hand that indicates the passage of seconds.(See second hand.)
sweeping having a wide or extended range; comprehensive. [5 definitions]
sweep one off one's feet to overwhelm or conquer, esp. in courtship.
sweepstakes (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a lottery, horse race, or other competition in which money staked by the participants is later awarded to the winner or winners. [2 definitions]