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swinging door a door hung so that it will freely and fully open in either direction and then swing shut by itself.
swingle a wooden knifelike tool, used to clean flax or hemp. [2 definitions]
swingletree see "singletree."
swingman in basketball, a player who can skillfully play two different positions such as both forward and guard.
swing set a playground structure made of metal or wood that swings are hung from.
swing shift (informal) the work shift between the day and the night shifts, usu. beginning in the middle of the afternoon and ending at midnight, or the group of workers on this shift.
swingy characterized by swinging activity or motion; swinging.
swinish like, characteristic of, or resembling a swine; beastly; piggish.
swipe a strong sweeping stroke or blow. [4 definitions]
swipple the swinging part of a flail, which strikes the grain in threshing.
swirl to move along or around with a whirling or spiral motion. [5 definitions]
swirly whirling, swirling, or spinning.
swish to move rapidly, making a whistling or rustling sound. [4 definitions]
Swiss of or pertaining to Switzerland or its people, culture, or the like. [3 definitions]
Swiss chard see "chard."
Swiss cheese a white or pale yellow hard cheese with many large holes, originally produced in Switzerland.
Swiss steak a thick cut of steak coated with flour, pounded with a meat hammer or the like, braised, and served with a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables.
switch a shift; change. [10 definitions]
switchable combined form of switch.
switchback a road, path, or railroad track that climbs a mountain or other steep grade by using a zigzag route.
switchblade a pocketknife with a blade that is released by pushing a button, usu. considered as a weapon.