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synapsis in the early stage of meiosis, the side-by-side pairing of comparable male and female chromosomes. [2 definitions]
sync (informal) shortened form of "synchronization." [2 definitions]
synchrocyclotron a cyclotron in which frequency of voltage is regulated to accommodate the increases in mass of the particles as they reach high speeds.
synchromesh designating a gear-shifting mechanism that synchronizes the speeds of the two gears to be meshed, so that the transition is smooth.
synchronic of or pertaining to language features, social values, or the like at a given time without reference to past causes or examples. (Cf. diachronic.) [2 definitions]
synchronicity the fact or state of happening at the same time, esp. considered as a manifestation of intent or meaningfulness rather than chance or randomness.
synchronic linguistics the study of the structure of a language or languages at a specific point in time.
synchronism the condition of happening or existing at the same time; simultaneousness. [2 definitions]
synchronize to cause to occur, move, or operate at the same time or rate. [3 definitions]
synchronous of events, historical periods, and the like, occurring at the same time; simultaneous; contemporaneous. [3 definitions]
synchroscope an electronic instrument for finding the extent of synchronization between two or more similar moving devices, such as the engines of an airplane.
synchrotron a machine that uses a magnetic field in combination with an electrostatic field to accelerate charged particles to high energies.
synchrotron radiation electromagnetic radiation that is given off by high-energy particles as they are accelerated to nearly the speed of light in a magnetic field.
syncline a formation of rock layers that incline upward from the median line or axis. (Cf. anticline.)
syncopate in music, to make (a rhythm) more complex as by accenting beats that are not normally accented or employing rests where accented beats would be expected. [2 definitions]
syncopation in music or poetry, a shifting of stress from normally accented beats to normally unaccented beats. [2 definitions]
syncope the shortening of a word by dropping one or more sounds from its center, as in shortening "ever" to "e'er". [2 definitions]
syncretism an attempted combination or reconciliation of opposing principles, beliefs, or practices, esp. in religion or philosophy. [2 definitions]
syncretize to try to bring together or make (ideas or philosophies) compatible.
syndic one who represents and does business on behalf of an institution, esp. a university. [2 definitions]
syndicalism a radical political movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries supporting labor union control of all industry and the dissolving of governmental authority.