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tachometer an instrument for measuring speed, esp. the revolutions per minute of a rotating shaft.
tachycardia a rapid heart rate that may be abnormal, or may be normal, as during exercise
tachyon a theoretical particle, smaller than an atom, that travels faster than the speed of light.
tacit suggested, implied, or understood, without being expressed in words.
taciturn habitually silent and uncommunicative.
tack a short pin, usu. with a flat, broad head. [12 definitions]
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing. [7 definitions]
tackle box a usu. metal box having small compartments for storing small pieces of fishing equipment such as hooks, artificial bait, line, and sinkers.
tack room a room in or near a stable where equipment such as saddles and bridles is kept.
tacky1 gummy or sticky, as partially dried glue or varnish.
tacky2 in poor taste or style; shabby.
taco a Mexican dish consisting of a folded tortilla with a filling, as of meat or cheese.
taconite a fine-grained sedimentary rock with enough iron content to be used as low-grade iron ore.
tact graceful sensitivity in dealing with others; diplomacy.
tactful having or displaying tact.
tactic a plan or method for achieving a goal; maneuver.
tactical of or relating to tactics. [2 definitions]
tactician one skilled in using or devising tactics.
tactics (usu. used with a sing. verb) the science of maneuvering military forces against an enemy. [3 definitions]
tactile of, having, or pertaining to the sense of touch. [2 definitions]
tactless having or displaying no tact.