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tali pl. of talus1.
Taliban a Muslim fundamentalist group that controlled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001.
talipes a clubfoot.
talipot a tall palm tree of the East Indies, having huge fanlike leaves that are used in making umbrellas and fans and in covering houses, and as a substitute for writing paper.
talisman an object, often worn or carried as an ornament, that is believed to protect, or give one supernatural powers. [2 definitions]
talk to communicate through spoken words; discuss. [14 definitions]
talkathon an extremely lengthy talk in the form of a speech, debate, discussion, or the like, usu. regarding public concerns.
talkative tending to talk often and at length; fond of talking. [2 definitions]
talk back to respond in a rude or impertinent manner.
talk down to belittle (something); underestimate. [3 definitions]
talk down to to treat (someone) with condescension; patronize.
talkie see "talking picture."
talking the act of one who talks. [2 definitions]
talking book a recording of a book or magazine read aloud, esp. for use by the blind.
talking head a television or film image of a person talking directly to the camera.
talking picture formerly, a film with an accompanying, synchronized soundtrack.
talking point a fact, idea, or view that is esp. persuasive or supportive of one side in an argument.
talking-to (informal) a scolding; reproof.
talk into to convince (someone) to do something by saying positive things about it.
talk out of to convince (someone) not to do something.
talk over to discuss (something).