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tamandua a small, tree-dwelling, tropical American anteater with thick fur, a hairless tail, and large ears.
tamarack any of several deciduous North American pine trees, esp. one that grows in northern regions and is usu. found in swamps; larch. [2 definitions]
tamari a Japanese soy sauce, darker and aged longer than regular soy sauce.
tamarind a tropical tree, related to legumes, that is found in the Eastern Hemisphere, and that bears compound, feathery leaves, yellow flowers, and a juicy, acid fruit inside long pods. [2 definitions]
tamarisk any of several trees or shrubs native to tropical or desert areas of Europe and Asia that have thin feathery branches and small narrow leaves, and that bear clusters of tiny pink flowers.
tambala the smaller monetary unit of Malawi. (Cf. kwacha.)
tambour a drum. [2 definitions]
tamboura a four-stringed, unfretted, lutelike musical instrument of India, used to provide an ostinato or drone accompaniment.
tambourin a long narrow drum used esp. in Provence. [3 definitions]
tambourine a small, shallow, one-sided drum with jingling metal disks attached around the rim, played by shaking with one hand and striking with the other. Some tambourines do not have a drum head and make sound only with the colliding of the metal disks.
tame brought or bred out of the wild state and made tractable; domesticated. [7 definitions]
tameable combined form of tame.
tameless untamed, or unable to be tamed.
Tamil any of a people of Dravidian ancestry living primarily in southern India and Sri Lanka. [2 definitions]
Tammany of, relating to, or descriptive of the persons or practices of Tammany Hall.
Tammany Hall a powerful Democratic organization founded in 1789 in New York City, known for its corruption and political abuse in the late nineteenth century.
Tammuz the tenth month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late June through early July in the Gregorian calendar.
tam-o'-shanter a cap or beret of Scottish origin that has a tightfitting headband, a round, floppy crown, and often a tuft or other decoration in the center of the top; tam.
tamoxifen a drug used in the treatment of breast cancer that blocks the action of estrogen.
tamp to compress and pack tightly by repeated light taps. [2 definitions]
tamper1 to meddle so as to damage, alter, or render something ineffective or harmful (usu. fol. by "with"). [2 definitions]