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tank town formerly, a town at which trains stopped only to fill their water tanks; small, insignificant town.
tank up (informal) to fill the gas tank of one or more vehicles. [2 definitions]
tanner1 one who tans animal hides.
tanner2 comparative of "tan."
tanner3 (informal) a coin formerly minted in the United Kingdom worth six pence; a sixpence.
tannery a place where animal hides are tanned.
tannic relating to or obtained from tannin or tanbark. [2 definitions]
tannic acid see "tannin."
tannin any of various astringent chemical substances of vegetable origin, such as the bark of certain trees, that are used in tanning and dyeing.
tanning bed an enclosed chamber in which one tans one's skin by lying on a transparent surface bathed in ultraviolet light rays.
tan one's hide (informal) to beat or spank someone severely.
tansy any of several fragrant herbs bearing small round flower heads, esp. a poisonous weed with feathery leaves and bearing small yellow flower heads, often used medicinally or as an herb.
tantalize to tease or torment with the sight or prospect of something desirable but unattainable.
tantalizing arousing desire or interest, but usu. unavailable or beyond reach.
tantalum a chemical element that has seventy-three protons in each nucleus and that occurs, usu. together with niobium, as a hard, corrosion-resistant gray solid metal with a very high melting point, used esp. in various instruments and equipment. (symbol: Ta)
Tantalus in Greek mythology, a king who deceived the gods and was condemned in Hades to stand in water that receded when he tried to drink it and was tempted with unreachable fruit hanging over his head.
tantamount equal to or the same as; equivalent.
tantrum a violent, noisy display of temper, esp. by a young child.
Tanzania an East African country on the Indian Ocean between Kenya and Mozambique.
Tanzanian of or pertaining to Tanzania or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
taoiseach (Irish; often cap.) the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland.