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taproot a large main root of a plant, usu. growing straight down, from which smaller roots branch laterally.
taps (used with a sing. verb) the signal played on a trumpet or drum in the U.S. military forces to order the lights to be extinguished, or at the end of a funeral or memorial service.
tar1 a dark, oily, sticky, heavy substance obtained by the destructive distillation of wood, coal, or peat, and used in protective coatings and sealants, as on roads and roofs. [3 definitions]
tar2 (informal) a sailor.
tar and feather to punish or humiliate by coating with tar and feathers. [2 definitions]
tarantella a lively, whirling dance from southern Italy, often including tambourine-playing. [2 definitions]
tarantula any of several related large American spiders, found mainly in tropical regions, that have hairy legs and a poisonous but not fatal bite. [2 definitions]
tarboosh a tasseled, fezlike cap of cloth or felt worn by Muslim men either alone or beneath a turban.
tardy late or delayed. [2 definitions]
tare1 any of various climbing, twining plants related to legumes and cultivated as forage or for their edible seeds; vetch. [3 definitions]
tare2 the weight of a carrier, container, or wrapper deducted from the gross weight of goods to determine the net weight of the contents. [4 definitions]
target an object or mark at which missiles, such as bullets, arrows, or bombs, are fired or directed. [4 definitions]
targetable combined form of target.
tariff a government tax on imports or exports, or a rate or schedule of such taxes; duty. [3 definitions]
tarlatan a muslin fabric that is thin and stiff with an open weave.
Tarmac trademark for a bituminous substance used in paving and surfacing roads, parking lots, and the like. [2 definitions]
tarn a small lake or pool in high mountains.
tarnish to dull the luster of or discolor (metal), as by exposure to air. [7 definitions]
tarnishable combined form of tarnish.
taro either of two tuberous plants widely cultivated in the tropics, esp. in the South Pacific, for their starchy edible roots.
tarot (sometimes cap.) any of a set of twenty-two playing cards that bear allegorical pictures, used in fortunetelling and as the trump cards in a game played with seventy-eight cards.