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tear sheet a page torn from a magazine or the like, often used to prove to an advertiser that an advertisement was indeed published.
tear up2 to rip into small pieces or shreds.
tear up1 to begin to have tears in one's eyes, or, of eyes, to begin to fill with tears.
teary full of tears; weeping; crying. [2 definitions]
tease to make fun of or attempt to provoke in a playful or mocking way. [9 definitions]
teasel an herb with yellowish or purplish flowers that have bristly leaves and bracts. [4 definitions]
teaser (informal) a short preview of a film, or a brief scene from an upcoming television show. [2 definitions]
tea service a set of matching china or silver dishes used for preparing and serving tea or coffee.
teaspoon in the US, a unit of capacity equal to one and a third fluid drams or about five milliliters, used in cooking. (abbr.: tsp.) [4 definitions]
teaspoonful the amount that a teaspoon holds; teaspoon.
teat that part of the breast or udder through which milk flows.
teatable combined form of teat.
teataster one who samples tea professionally, as in order to determine its grade.
tea towel (chiefly British) a small towel used in the kitchen primarily for drying dishes.
tea tray a small tray for serving tea or other light refreshments.
tea wagon a small wheeled table for serving tea; tea cart.
tech. abbreviation of "technology," "technician," or "technical."
techie (informal) someone with an avid interest and high degree of proficiency in a technical field, esp. electronic and computer technology. [2 definitions]
technetium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has forty-three protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Tc)
technetronic relating to or marked by the use of technology and electronics to solve social, political, or economic problems.
technic (pl., but used with a sing. or pl. verb) the principles, methods, or study of an art or process. [3 definitions]