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team a group of competitors on one of the sides in a sporting event or game. [7 definitions]
team-building relating or contributing to the process of organizing and training a group of people to work together effectively.
teammate a member of the same team or group.
team player a team member who works for the good of the team, perhaps sacrificing his or her own personal interests or goals.
teamster one who drives a team or truck to transport goods, esp. as an occupation.
team teaching a method of instruction in which a group of teachers work cooperatively and integrate their subjects so as to give their students a broader perspective.
teamwork the work or coordinated effort of a team or group of people to produce a desired result.
tea party a small social gathering, usu. held in the late afternoon, at which tea and other refreshments are served.
teapot a covered pot with a spout and handle that is used to make and serve tea.
tear1 a drop of salty liquid produced in the eye which serves to cleanse and lubricate the surface of the eye and which is often produced in greater amounts when a person feels certain emotions, esp. sadness. [4 definitions]
tear2 to pull apart or into pieces. [12 definitions]
tear down to destroy or demolish (a standing structure).
teardrop one tear. [2 definitions]
tearful full of or accompanied by tears; crying. [2 definitions]
tear gas any of several chemicals that induce tears, eye irritation, or temporary blindness, used esp. in warfare or by police to quell riots.
tear-gas to hurl tear gas at, usu. in the form of grenades or projectiles.
tearjerker (informal) a sad or pathetic story, play, or the like.
tearless not crying. [2 definitions]
tearoom a restaurant that serves tea and other light refreshments.
tea rose a species of Chinese rose that bears fragrant yellow or pink flowers.
tear sheet a page torn from a magazine or the like, often used to prove to an advertiser that an advertisement was indeed published.