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telephotograph a picture produced with a photographic lens or lens system that creates a large image of a distant object.
telephotography the art, process, or technique of taking pictures of distant objects with a specialized lens.
teleplay a play written for or produced on television.
teleportation the hypothetical transmission of matter by telekinesis.
teleprinter see "teletypewriter."
TelePrompTer trademark for a device that provides a written script that is visible to a performer or speaker on television, but not to the audience.
telescope an optical instrument, usu. cylindrical, that employs lenses and sometimes mirrors to enlarge the images of distant objects, esp. those in outer space. [7 definitions]
telescopic of or relating to a telescope. [4 definitions]
telescopy the use or study of telescopes.
telesis an intentional use of natural or social processes to attain chosen goals.
telespectroscope an instrument used to determine the spectra of stars.
telesthesia the extrasensory perception of objects or events that occur outside the recognized range of the organs of sense perception.
telestich a poem in which the last letters of each line form a word or phrase. (Cf. acrostic.)
teletext the television broadcast of information, such as news or weather, that appears as printed text on the television screen.
telethon a television program of several hours or more, usu. broadcast to raise funds for a charity or other cause.
Teletype trademark for a teletypewriter. [2 definitions]
teletypewriter a device resembling a typewriter, by which messages can be sent or received through telephone or telegraph lines.
teleview to view by way of a television receiver. [2 definitions]
televise to broadcast or receive by television.
television the process of transmitting visual images in the form of electromagnetic waves over distances to be seen on a screen. (abbr.: TV) [3 definitions]
Telex trademark for a communication system allowing subscribers to send and receive teletypewriter messages through the telephone. [3 definitions]