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Templo Mayor the main temple of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), initially constructed in 1325 and largely destroyed by conquistadors in 1521.
tempo the relative speed at which a musical passage or piece is to be performed, usu. indicated by descriptive terms such as "andante" or "vivace" or by metronomic markings. [2 definitions]
temporal1 of or concerning time. [4 definitions]
temporal2 of, relating to, or located near the temples of the skull. [2 definitions]
temporal bone one of two compound bones that form the base and sides of the skull.
temporality the condition of being temporary; impermanence. [2 definitions]
temporary of brief or limited duration; impermanent. [2 definitions]
temporize to be indecisive or delay acting, as in order to gain time or avoid conflict. [4 definitions]
tempt to entice or try to entice (someone) to do something unwise or wrong, as by promising pleasure or reward. [4 definitions]
temptable combined form of tempt.
temptation the act or an instance of tempting, or the condition of being tempted. [2 definitions]
tempter someone or something that tempts, esp. to an immoral act. [2 definitions]
tempting causing temptation; appealing; inviting; alluring.
temptress a female who tempts, esp. to an immoral act.
tempura a Japanese dish consisting of vegetables or seafood such as shrimp dipped in batter and then deep-fried.
tempus fugit (Latin) time flies.
ten the number represented by the Arabic numeral 10 and by the Roman numeral X. [3 definitions]
tenable able to be upheld, affirmed, supported, or defended; logical. [2 definitions]
tenacious tending to cling to another substance or surface; adhesive; sticky. [4 definitions]
tenacity the quality or condition of being tenacious.
tenancy the temporary occupancy or use of another's dwelling, land, or other property, esp. in return for payment of rent. [3 definitions]