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testa the outer, natural covering or coating of a seed; tegument.
testament a statement expressing belief or conviction; credo. [3 definitions]
testate having made, before dying, a legally valid will. (Cf. intestate.)
testator one who has left a legally valid will.
test ban an agreement between nations that produce atomic bombs to refrain from nuclear testing, as in the earth's atmosphere.
test case a legal action that tries the constitutionality of a statute or that is likely to set a precedent.
tester1 one that tests.
tester2 a canopy, esp. over a bed or altar.
testicle one of the two male reproductive glands, located in the scrotum.
testify to give evidence or testimony. [6 definitions]
testimonial a formal statement testifying to a specific fact. [4 definitions]
testimony the evidence presented under oath in a court of law. [3 definitions]
testing the act or practice of administering or undergoing a test or tests.
testis a testicle.
testosterone a steroid hormone produced in the testes that is responsible for stimulating the development of male sex organs, secondary sex characteristics, and sperm.
test pilot a pilot who flies new or experimental aircraft to examine their conformity to design standards and ascertain their fitness for use.
test tube a thin hollow glass cylinder, closed at one end, that is used chiefly in biological and chemical laboratories, esp. in conducting experiments.
test-tube made in or as if in a test tube; synthetic or artificial. [2 definitions]
testudo a movable fireproof shelter, sometimes formed by overlapping shields, that was held by ancient Roman foot soldiers during sieges.
testy easily annoyed or angered; irritable; touchy. [2 definitions]
Tet the festival of the lunar New Year, celebrated by the Vietnamese.