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Tet the festival of the lunar New Year, celebrated by the Vietnamese.
tetanus an often fatal infectious disease involving rigidness and spasms of the muscles, esp. in the neck and lower jaw, and caused by a bacterium that usu. gains entry to the body through a wound. [2 definitions]
tête-à-tête a conversation between two people in private. [3 definitions]
teth the name of the ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
tether a rope, chain, leash, or the like by which an animal, balloon, or other moving or movable object is fastened. [2 definitions]
tetherball a game, usu. played by two people, in which a ball suspended by a cord from a post is hit with the hand or a paddle, the object being to wrap the cord fully around the post.
Teti the first pharaoh of Egypt's Sixth Dynasty, reigning in the middle of the third millenium B.C.E. (2345 B.C.E.?-- 2333 B.C.E?).
tetra any of several small brightly colored tropical fish that are common in fresh water aquariums.
tetra- four.
tetracycline an antibiotic derived from certain microorganisms or synthesized, used to treat many different infections.
tetrad a group or set of four. [3 definitions]
tetraethyl lead a poisonous, colorless liquid compound of lead used chiefly in gasoline to improve combustion and reduce engine knock.
tetragram a word consisting of four letters.
Tetragrammaton the four Hebrew letters, usu. transliterated as "YHWH" or "JHWH," representing the name of God, considered too holy to be spoken aloud.
tetrahedral of or shaped like a tetrahedron.
tetrahedron a solid figure formed by four triangular faces; triangular pyramid.
tetralogy any series of four related plays, novels, operas, or the like. [2 definitions]
tetrameter a line of verse that contains four metrical feet. [3 definitions]
tetrapod any vertebrate having four limbs, or having evolved from a four-limbed ancestor.
tetrarch in ancient Rome, the ruler of the fourth part of a province. [2 definitions]
tetrarchy the rule of, or territory ruled by, a tetrarch. [2 definitions]