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textile a woven or knitted fabric. [4 definitions]
text message a short message typed on the keypad of a cellular phone and transmitted to another cellular phone. Text messages often employ shortened forms of words, which may also include numbers to represent sounds within words or to represent whole words; text. [3 definitions]
textual of, in, or relating to a text. [2 definitions]
textual criticism the scholarly study of a written text, as to determine authorship or the original or most authoritative version.
texture the appearance or feel of something, esp. a surface, resulting from the nature or arrangement of the substance or material that constitutes it. [3 definitions]
textureless combined form of texture.
TGIF abbreviation of "Thank God it's Friday."
-th1 quality; condition. [2 definitions]
-th2 used to form ordinal numbers.
Th symbol of the chemical element thorium.
Thai a native or citizen of Thailand, or a descendant thereof; Thailander; Siamese. [3 definitions]
Thailand a Southeast Asian country in Indochina between Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.
thalamus the part of the forebrain through which sensory impulses are sent to the cerebral cortex. [2 definitions]
thalassemia an inherited form of anemia caused by abnormal production of hemoglobin.
thalassic of, pertaining to, or found in the seas or oceans. [2 definitions]
thalidomide a crystalline solid formerly used as a sedative and tranquilizer, withdrawn from the market after having been shown to cause fetal abnormalities when taken by pregnant women.
thallium a chemical element that has eighty-one protons in each nucleus and that can be isolated as a soft easily corroding toxic metal whose sulfate salt is sometimes used as a pesticide. (symbol: Tl)
thallophyte any of several plants, such as fungi, lichens, and algae, that display no roots, stems, leaves, or flowers.
thallus the plant body of a thallophyte, showing no distinct roots, stems, or leaves.
Thames a river in southern England that flows through London into the North Sea.
than used to introduce the alternative part of a comparison. [2 definitions]