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therapy the curative treatment of disease or disability. [3 definitions]
there in, at, or to that place. [10 definitions]
thereabouts about or near that place, time, number, degree, or the like.
thereafter following that; from then on.
thereat at a specified place, point, or time; there or then. [2 definitions]
thereby by that means; as a result of that. [3 definitions]
there'd (informal) contracted form of "there would," or contracted form of "there had."
therefore for that reason; as a result; consequently.
therefrom coming or arising from that place, thing, or time.
therein in that place, time, or thing. [2 definitions]
thereinafter in what follows (usu. used to refer to a legal document).
thereinto into that place or thing. [2 definitions]
there'll (informal) contracted form of "there will."
thereof of or pertaining to this, that, or it. [2 definitions]
thereon on or upon this, that, or it. [2 definitions]
there're (informal) contracted form of "there are."
there's contracted form of "there is," or contracted form of "there has."
thereto to that place or thing. [2 definitions]
theretofore up to or before that time.
thereunder under or beneath that or it. [2 definitions]
thereunto to that place, fact, circumstance, or other previously named thing; thereto.