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thrice in three instances; three times. [2 definitions]
thrift prudent management and saving of one's resources, esp. money; frugality. [3 definitions]
thrift institution a financial institution, such as a savings and loan bank or credit union, whose primary function is handling savings accounts.
thriftless lacking thrift; careless with money; improvident; wasteful.
thriftshop a store that sells used or second-hand goods at reduced prices, usu. to raise funds for a charity.
thrifty practicing thrift; economical. [2 definitions]
thrill to cause to feel a sudden, intense excitement, passion, or the like. [8 definitions]
thriller (informal) a suspenseful tale or drama, such as a murder mystery. [2 definitions]
thrilling causing a feeling of sudden, intense excitement.
thrive to progress well or succeed; prosper. [2 definitions]
throat the narrow area inside the neck that allows the passage of air to the lungs and the passage of food to the stomach. [5 definitions]
-throated having (such) a throat.
throatlatch a strap that crosses a horse's throat in order to secure a bridle.
throaty produced or uttered from deep in the throat; husky.
throb to beat, or feel one's blood beating, at an accelerated rate or level, as from emotion, exhaustion, stress, or the like. [4 definitions]
throe a deep, wrenching pain or sudden spasm, as in death or childbirth. [2 definitions]
thrombin the enzyme in the blood that causes it to clot.
thrombocytopenia an abnormal decrease in the number of blood platelets.
thromboplastin a substance found in animal tissue, esp. blood platelets, that assists in blood clotting by converting prothrombin to thrombin.
thrombosis an abnormal clotting of blood in the circulatory system.
thrombus a blood clot that forms within and obstructs a blood vessel or cavity of the heart.