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till1 until. [3 definitions]
till2 to prepare (land) for growing crops, esp. by plowing. [2 definitions]
till3 a drawer or small container for money or valuables.
tillable capable of being tilled.
tillage the cultivation of soil. [2 definitions]
tiller1 one who tills land; farmer.
tiller2 a lever that is attached to a rudder and used to steer a boat.
tiller3 a sprout or shoot that grows from the base of a plant. [2 definitions]
Tilsit a mild to sharp semihard cheese made from cow's milk and having many small holes.
tilt to place or turn on an incline or at a slant. [7 definitions]
tiltable combined form of tilt.
tilt at windmills1 to battle against imaginary enemies or offenses.
tilt at windmills2 to fight imaginary foes or evils.
tilth the act or process of tilling. [3 definitions]
timbal a kettledrum.
timbale creamed chicken, seafood, vegetables, or the like baked in a drum-shaped pastry shell. [2 definitions]
timber trees that are suitable as a source of wood for construction. [5 definitions]
timbered covered with trees. [2 definitions]
timber hitch a knot used to tie a rope to a spar or log in which the rope is wrapped once around the object to be held and then several times along its own length.
timberland wooded land suitable for commercial lumbering.
timberline the land elevation or polar region beyond which trees will not grow.