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tintinnabulation the ringing sound of bells, or a similar sound.
tintless combined form of tint.
tintype a positive photographic image made on a plate of tin or iron that has been coated with a sensitized film; ferrotype.
tinware small objects made of tin, such as pots, dishes, and other household articles.
tiny extremely little; minute; miniature.
tiny house a house that is built much smaller than the average home within a particular country or region.
-tion act or process. [3 definitions]
-tious of, related to, or characterized by.
tip1 the extreme end, esp. of something slender, tapered, or pointed. [6 definitions]
tip2 to move to a leaning or inclined position; tilt. [8 definitions]
tip3 a small gift, usu. money, given in appreciation for a service rendered. [5 definitions]
tip4 a light touch; tap. [2 definitions]
tipi variant of tepee.
tip-off (informal) secret or inside information given in advance; warning. [2 definitions]
tip of the iceberg a very small part of the whole problem.
tip over to make something fall down that was standing up.
tippet a scarf or stole of wool, fur, or the like that covers the shoulders and has long hanging ends. [3 definitions]
tipple1 to drink (alcoholic liquor), esp. habitually, a little at a time. [3 definitions]
tipple2 a mechanical device that tips freight cars to unload their contents. [2 definitions]
tippy likely to tip over; wobbly, shaky, or unstable.
tipster (informal) a person who sells information, esp. tips to bettors.