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titanic having enormous size, strength, or power; colossal; huge. [4 definitions]
Titanism (sometimes l.c.) a spirit of revolt and rebellion against an established order or authority.
titanium a chemical element that has twenty-two protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure form as a very hard, light, corrosion-resistant solid metal, used esp. in aircraft and missiles. (symbol: Ti)
titanium dioxide a powder used as a white pigment in paint and ceramic glaze and in white rubber, plastic, and the like.
tit for tat repayment in kind or in equal amount or degree, sometimes as retaliation or revenge.
tithe an amount of money, produce, or goods equal in value to a tenth of one's income, given or paid as a contribution or tax, esp. to a church. [7 definitions]
tithing the act or an instance of giving or exacting a tithe. [2 definitions]
titian a reddish or golden brown color.
titillate to stimulate or excite pleasantly. [2 definitions]
titivate to make or become dapper or trim; spruce up.
titlark a pipit.
title a name that identifies a book, film, play, piece of music, or work of art. [6 definitions]
titled having a title of nobility.
title deed a document that establishes ownership of real property.
titleholder one who holds a title, esp. a champion of some sport.
Title IX the amendment of the U.S. Education Act of 1972, which states that no person may be denied the benefits of a federally-funded educational program or activity because of gender.
title page a page at the front of a book that bears the complete title, names of the authors or editors and publishers, and usu. the place and date of publication.
title role the role of the character named in the title of a play, film, or the like.
titlist one who holds a title in some sport; champion.
titmouse any of several small birds of North America that have grayish plumage and often a crest or tuft.
titrate to determine the amount of a substance in (a solution) by adding a standard liquid reagent of known concentration and measuring the volume required to produce a specified reaction such as a change in color or form.