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toll1 to cause (a large bell) to ring or chime, esp. with slow and measured strokes. [4 definitions]
toll2 a charge or tax, usu. for passage across a bridge or along a highway or other road. [3 definitions]
toll bar a barrier to access, as to a road or bridge, that is lifted after a toll is collected; tollgate.
tollbooth a booth where a toll is paid, as for access to a road or bridge.
toll bridge a bridge at which one must pay a toll in order to cross.
toll call any telephone call for which a higher rate is charged than the fixed rate for local calls.
tollgate a gate or gatelike structure where a toll is collected, as on a highway.
tollhouse cookie a crisp chocolate-chip cookie sometimes containing chopped nuts.
tollkeeper one who collects tolls at a tollgate.
toll road a road that one must pay a toll to use.
Toltec a member of an Indian people who lived in central and southern Mexico before the Aztecs. [2 definitions]
tolu an aromatic balsam or resin obtained from the bark of a South American tree and used in cough medicines and expectorants, flavoring, and perfume; balsam of tolu.
toluene a colorless combustible liquid hydrocarbon obtained from coal tar and petroleum, used in high octane fuels, dyes, and explosives, and as a solvent.
toluidine any of three isomeric compounds used in the making of dyes, as a test reagent, and in organic synthesis.
toluol a univalent organic radical derived from toluene.
tom the male of several animals, esp. the cat and the turkey.
tomahawk a light ax, usu. with a stone head, formerly used by some North American Indians as a weapon or tool. [2 definitions]
to make a clean breast of to confess or divulge.
tomalley the lobster's liver, considered a culinary delicacy.
Tom and Jerry a hot drink containing rum, water or milk, beaten eggs, sugar, and spices.
tomato a usu. red, pulpy, juicy, slightly acidic edible fruit, typically eaten as a vegetable. [2 definitions]