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top dog (informal) a person, team, group, nation, or the like that is in a dominant, authoritative, leading, or favored position, esp. among competitors.
top dollar (informal) the most money paid for a particular product, service, or the like.
top-drawer (informal) of or pertaining to the highest rank, level of importance, quality, or the like.
top dressing a layer of material laid on a ground surface, such as manure or other fertilizer over plowed land or crops.
tope to drink alcoholic drinks excessively and habitually.
topee in India, a lightweight hat or helmet that is made of pith.
Topeka the capital of Kansas.
toper one who drinks alcohol habitually and excessively.
topflight outstanding or superior; first-rate.
topgallant of, pertaining to, or designating the mast, and any sail attached to it, that is situated above the topmast on a square-rigged ship. [2 definitions]
top hat a tall, cylindrical, black silk hat with a stiff narrow brim, worn by men on formal occasions.
top-heavy having too much weight at the top to be in proper balance. [2 definitions]
topi variant of topee.
topiary of shrubs and trees, trimmed or trained into fanciful or decorative shapes. [3 definitions]
topic a general subject of conversation or other discourse. [3 definitions]
topical pertinent to topics of current interest. [3 definitions]
topic sentence a sentence, usu. at the beginning, that sets forth the main idea of a paragraph or other unit of expository writing.
topknot a clump of hair knotted or clasped at the top of the head. [3 definitions]
topless lacking a top, cover, or upper part. [3 definitions]
top-level (informal) of, by, or involving the highest level or rank, as in a business, government, or military organization.
topmast the mast above the lowest mast on a sailing ship, which sometimes supports a topgallant.