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transmissible capable of being transmitted, as a disease.
transmission the act or process of transmitting, or the fact or condition of being transmitted. [4 definitions]
transmission line any system of conductors that transmits signals.
transmit to send or convey from a source to a destination. [6 definitions]
transmitter the broadcasting apparatus that generates, amplifies, and modulates radio waves and sends the signal thus produced from an antenna. [3 definitions]
transmogrify to change, transform, or mutate, esp. in a grotesque or strange way.
transmutation the act or process of transmuting or the state of being transmuted; transformation. [3 definitions]
transmute to change into another form, substance, state, or the like; transform.
transoceanic crossing or spanning an ocean. [2 definitions]
transom a small, hinged window above an interior door, or the crossbar separating the two. [2 definitions]
transonic close to the speed of sound; moving at a speed that is between subsonic and supersonic.
transpacific crossing or spanning the Pacific Ocean. [2 definitions]
transparence the state, quality, or condition of being transparent; transparency.
transparency the state or condition of being transparent; transparence. [2 definitions]
transparent permitting the passage of light and a clear view of objects on the other side. [3 definitions]
transpire to occur; happen. [3 definitions]
transplant to uproot and replant in another place. [5 definitions]
transplantable combined form of transplant.
transponder a radio or radar transceiver that is automatically activated to transmit when it receives a predetermined signal.
transport to convey from one place to another; carry. [7 definitions]
transportable combined form of transport.