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trigonometry the branch of mathematics concerned with the relationships between sides and angles of right triangles, and with calculations based on these relationships.
trihedral having three planes that meet in a point. [2 definitions]
trihedron a figure formed by three planes that meet in a point; trihedral.
trike (informal) a tricycle.
trilateral three-sided.
trilingual using or speaking three languages, esp. with equal skill in all three. [2 definitions]
trill a rapid tremulous alternation of one musical tone with an adjacent whole or half tone; vibrato; tremolo. [5 definitions]
trillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1,000,000,000,000. [5 definitions]
trillium a perennial of the lily family that has a whorl of three leaves from which a single three-petaled flower blooms.
trilobate having three lobes; trilobed.
trilobite any of numerous extinct arthropods of the Paleozoic era that had laterally segmented external skeletons divided into three lengthwise lobes along the back.
trilogy a group of three literary or musical works by one author or composer that are related in sequence, theme, or the like.
trim to make neat, orderly, or manageable by cutting, clipping, or otherwise removing excess material. [13 definitions]
trimaran a boat with three parallel hulls.
trimester a period of three months. [2 definitions]
trimeter a line of verse consisting of three metrical feet. [2 definitions]
trimming added decoration, often along edges, as on clothing or furniture. [5 definitions]
trimonthly once every three months.
trinal having three parts; tripartite; threefold; triple.
trine triple; threefold. [2 definitions]
Trinidad and Tobago a southeastern West Indian country that comprises the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.