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troublemaker one who causes conflict or trouble for others.
troubleshoot to search for the cause of a problem.
troubleshooter one who has a talent for resolving disputes, improving weak organizations, or the like, esp. in business and politics. [2 definitions]
troublesome causing anxiety, worry, or bother. [2 definitions]
troubling causing one to worry or be upset.
trough a long narrow open container used for serving food or water to animals. [4 definitions]
trounce to beat severely; thrash. [2 definitions]
troupe a usually professional group of dancers, actors, or other artists who perform together and generally travel to do their performances. [2 definitions]
troupial any of several American birds, including the bobolinks, blackbirds, and orioles.
trouser of or pertaining to trousers or to a leg of a pair of trousers. [2 definitions]
trousers a garment for the lower parts of the body from waist to ankle, divided into sections covering each leg; pants.
trousseau a collection of linens, clothing, and the like, sewn or collected for or by a bride before her wedding.
trout any of various freshwater or anadromous fishes related to the salmon, usu. having a speckled body, and valued as food and game. [2 definitions]
trouvere any of a group of twelfth- and thirteenth-century northern French poets who composed narrative works and lyrics on the theme of courtly love.
trove a collection of valuable or desirable things; treasure-trove.
trowel any of various hand tools having a flat blade, used for working with plaster, cement, and the like. [3 definitions]
Troy an ancient city in northwestern Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War.
troy of, expressed, or computed using the troy weight system.
troy weight a system of weight based on a pound equal to twelve ounces or 373.24 grams, used for precious metals and gems.
truant one who is absent without permission, esp. from a school. [4 definitions]
truant officer a school official who investigates students' unauthorized absences.