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truant officer a school official who investigates students' unauthorized absences.
truce a stoppage or ending of armed conflict by mutual agreement of warring parties; armistice. [2 definitions]
truck1 any of a number of large vehicles used for transporting freight or other loads. [8 definitions]
truck2 bartered goods. [4 definitions]
truckage the conveying of goods by truck, or the charge made for this service.
trucker a person who drives a truck; truck driver. [2 definitions]
truck farm a farm that grows vegetables to be marketed.
trucking the process or business of transporting goods by truck.
truckle1 to act in a servile manner; submit tamely (usu. fol. by "to").
truckle2 a low bed on casters to be rolled under another bed when not in use; trundle bed. [2 definitions]
truckle bed see "trundle bed."
truck stop a business along a highway usu. consisting of a restaurant and gas station, and having truck drivers as its main customers.
truck system the system or practice of paying wages in goods instead of in money.
truculent extremely hostile or belligerent; inclined to fight. [2 definitions]
trudge to walk heavily and laboriously, as with great weariness. [3 definitions]
true in agreement with fact; not false. [13 definitions]
true believer a dedicated follower of a person, creed, or the like, esp. one characterized by blind, unquestioning devotion, or sometimes fanaticism.
true bill a bill of indictment approved by a grand jury as being supported by enough evidence to justify a trial.
true-blue unfailingly faithful or loyal; staunch.
truebred well-bred; refined. [2 definitions]
true-false test a test of knowledge or opinions that consists of statements to be read and marked as true or false.