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trypanosome any of a group of very small flagellate protozoans that are parasitic in the blood of humans and other vertebrates, are usu. spread by insect bites, and often cause serious diseases.
trypanosomiasis any disease caused by a trypanosome.
trypsin an enzyme in pancreatic juice that converts proteins into polypeptides.
tryptophan an essential amino acid in animals that is a component of proteins and a precursor of serotonin and niacin.
trysail a small fore-and-aft sail, usu. hoisted when other sails have been lowered, that helps keep a vessel headed into the wind.
try square a device consisting of a ruled straightedge set at right angles to another straightedge, used by carpenters in testing for squareness or marking out right angles.
tryst a meeting held at a specified time and place, esp. a secret meeting of lovers; rendezvous. [3 definitions]
tsar variant of czar.
tsarevitch see "czarevitch."
tsarevna see "czarevna."
tsarina see "czarina."
tsetse fly a bloodsucking African fly, some species of which transmit sleeping sickness and other infections to humans and domestic animals.
T-shirt a collarless undershirt with short sleeves, worn esp. by men and boys. [2 definitions]
tsk used to express annoyance, sympathy, disapproval, or the like.
tsp. abbreviation of "teaspoon" or "teaspoons."
T square a T-shaped ruler having a short crosspiece that fits over the edge of a drawing board, used by drafters to draw parallel lines.
T-strap a T-shaped strap over the instep of a woman's or girl's shoe. [2 definitions]
tsunami a very large, often destructive sea wave caused by a marine earthquake or volcanic explosion.
tsutsugamushi disease see "scrub typhus."
tuatara a large lizardlike reptile of the area near New Zealand.
tub a large low, usu. round, flat-bottomed container used for washing, packing, storing, or the like. [4 definitions]