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tuckahoe any of various plant parts formerly eaten by Algonquian Indians, esp. a large brown fungus growing underground; Indian bread.
tucker1 someone or something that tucks, esp. a sewing machine attachment used to make tucks. [2 definitions]
tucker2 (informal) to cause to become tired or fatigued; weary; exhaust (often fol. by "out").
tuck in to make sure a child is covered well before sleeping at night.
-tude state, condition, or characteristic.
Tudor a member of a British royal family of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, or the name of the family itself. [3 definitions]
Tues. abbreviation of "Tuesday," the third day of the week, occurring between Monday and Wednesday.
Tuesday the third day of the week, occurring between Monday and Wednesday.
Tuesdays on Tuesdays; each Tuesday; every Tuesday.
tufa a limestone usu. of calcium carbonate deposited by ground water, springs, lakes, or the like. [2 definitions]
tuff a kind of rock formed by the compacting of volcanic ash of varying coarseness.
tuffet a tuft of grass. [2 definitions]
tuft a cluster or clump of long strands that are attached at one end and loose at the other, as of yarn, hair, or grass. [8 definitions]
tug to pull at strongly or forcibly. [9 definitions]
tugboat a small but powerful boat used to guide, push, or tow larger vessels, esp. into and out of harbors.
tug of war a contest of strength between two teams pulling on opposite ends of a rope, each trying to pull the other across a central line. [2 definitions]
tugrik the chief monetary unit of Mongolia, equaling one hundred mongo.
tui a dark bluish to black bird of New Zealand that has a patch of white feathers on each side of the throat, and is able to mimic human speech.
tuition the charge for instruction at a college, private school, or the like. [2 definitions]
tularemia a contagious plaguelike disease involving fever and swelling of the lymph nodes, found esp. among rabbits, squirrels, and the like, and sometimes transmitted to humans; rabbit fever.
tulip a cultivated plant that grows from a bulb and bears large lance-shaped leaves and large brightly-colored, cup-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]