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turbine an engine driven by a moving fluid, such as water, steam, or air, that pushes against the blades or paddles attached to a central shaft.
turbo see "turbocharger."
turbo- turbine.
turbocharge to improve the power or maintain air pressure in (an engine) by using a turbocharger.
turbocharger a device attached to an internal-combustion engine that uses the exhaust gases to power a turbine that drives a supercharger that supplies compressed air to the cylinders.
turbofan a turbojet engine in which a fan forces air diverted from the main engine directly into the hot turbine exhaust, adding to the total thrust. [3 definitions]
turbogenerator a generator attached to and powered by a turbine.
turbojet a tunnel-like engine in which air compressed by turbine-driven spinning blades and mixed with atomized fuel is ignited, producing a powerful jet of hot gases that provides thrust and also drives the turbine; turbojet engine. [2 definitions]
turboprop a turbojet engine with a turbine-driven propeller that provides a large part of the thrust, adding this to the thrust of the jet exhaust; turboprop engine. [2 definitions]
turbosupercharger see "turbocharger."
turbot a large, flat, diamond-shaped saltwater fish, used for food. [2 definitions]
turbulence the chaotic motion within some swiftly moving or changing air or water currents. [2 definitions]
turbulent in a state of agitation, unrest, or turmoil. [3 definitions]
turbulent flow the motion of a liquid characterized by random fluctuations in velocity and pressure.
turd (vulgar) a piece of excrement. [2 definitions]
tureen a large, deep, wide dish, usu. with a lid, used for serving soups, stews, and the like.
turf the surface layer of the soil, held together in a thick mat by grass and other plant roots. [5 definitions]
turfman a person deeply involved in horse racing, esp. one who owns or trains horses.
turgescent becoming swollen or turgid; swelling.
turgid overwrought in language or style; too solemn or too ornate; inflated; bombastic. [2 definitions]
turista severe diarrhea sometimes experienced by travelers in foreign countries, caused by exposure to bacteria in food or water (used esp. as a term for this ailment in a Latin American context.) [2 definitions]