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tweeze to pluck out, usu. with tweezers.
tweezers a small metal tool that has two arms, used for picking up or plucking out small objects such as hairs or splinters.
twelfth indicating rank or position between eleventh and thirteenth. [3 definitions]
Twelfth Day the twelfth day after Christmas, January 6, once observed as the last day of the Christmas festivities; Epiphany.
twelve the number represented by the Arabic numeral 12 and by the Roman numeral XII. [3 definitions]
twelvemo see "duodecimo."
twelvemonth a year.
twelve-tone of music, based on or designating an arbitrarily selected, fixed order of the twelve tones in a chromatic scale.
twentieth indicating rank or position between nineteenth and twenty-first. [3 definitions]
twenty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 20 and by the Roman numeral XX. [5 definitions]
twenty-one the card game of blackjack.
twenty-twenty vision normal visual acuity, or the ability to see clearly what the normal eye sees at a distance of twenty feet.
twerp (slang) a person regarded as ridiculous, insignificant, or contemptible.
twice in two instances; two times. [2 definitions]
twice-laid made from strands of used or old rope. [2 definitions]
twice-told of a tale, story, or the like, familiar or hackneyed because of frequent repetition.
twiddle to play with (the fingers) or move (a small object) about idly, esp. in a circular motion. [4 definitions]
twiddle one's thumbs to move one's thumbs aimlessly in circles around one another. [2 definitions]
twig a small slender branch of a tree or shrub.
twilight the faint light of the sky when the sun is below the horizon either after sunset or just before sunrise. [7 definitions]
twilight zone any vague, uncertain, or ill-defined condition or state, esp. between two well-defined polarities. [3 definitions]