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twitch to move or pull with a quick, sudden motion; jerk. [6 definitions]
twitchy edgy or nervously restless; jumpy. [2 definitions]
twitter to make a series of short light sounds, as a small bird; chirp. [8 definitions]
two the number represented by the Arabic numeral 2 and by the Roman numeral II. [3 definitions]
two-base hit in baseball, a hit that allows the batter to reach second base; double.
two-bit (informal) costing or worth twenty-five cents. [2 definitions]
two-by-four measuring two units thick by four units wide, or approximately so, esp. in inches. [4 definitions]
two-digit number a whole number containing two digits, such as 22.
two-edged having two cutting edges. [2 definitions]
two-faced insincere or hypocritical; deceitful; dishonest. [2 definitions]
twofer (informal) a special offer in which two tickets or items of merchandise are sold for the price of one, or for approximately that amount.
two-fisted (informal) aggressive, virile, or vigorous.
twofold having two parts or elements. [3 definitions]
two-four time a musical meter with two quarter notes or their equivalent in each measure.
two-handed requiring two hands or two people to use. [3 definitions]
twopence a silver coin of the United Kingdom worth two pence. [3 definitions]
twopenny costing or worth two pence. [3 definitions]
two-piece having two parts or pieces, as a clothing ensemble. [2 definitions]
two-ply composed of two layers or strands.
two-sided having two sides; bilateral. [2 definitions]
twosome a group of two; duo; couple. [2 definitions]