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tyro one who is beginning to learn a business, trade, sport, or the like; novice; neophyte.
tyrosine an amino acid found in proteins that is a precursor of certain hormones and neurotransmitters.
tzar a variant of czar.
tzarevich variant of czarevitch.
tzarina variant of czarina.
tzetze fly variant of tsetse fly.
tzigane (sometimes cap.) pertaining to, consisting of, or characteristic of gypsies. [2 definitions]
U symbol of the chemical element uranium.
U. abbreviation of "University," an educational institution devoted to learning and research and authorized to award degrees on both the graduate and undergraduate levels (used in a proper name).
u the twenty-first letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
U-2 a U.S. aircraft formerly used for surveillance from very high altitudes.
uakari monkey any of several species of medium-sized, tree-dwelling monkeys with long fur and bald heads that inhabit the Amazon Basin.
UAR abbreviation of "United Arab Republic," the official name of Egypt in 1958-61. [2 definitions]
UAW abbreviation of "United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers" (formerly, United Automobile Workers).
ubiquitous being or appearing to be in all places at the same time; omnipresent.
ubiquity the condition of being, or seeming to be, everywhere at the same time; omnipresence.
U-boat a German submarine.
udder a large mammary organ with two or more glands, each with its own nipple, as in a cow or goat.
udon thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour, salt, and water.
UFO abbreviation of "unidentified flying object."
ufology the study of photographs and reports of unidentified flying objects, esp. considered as spacecraft from other planets.