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ultrahigh frequency any radio frequency between three hundred and three thousand megahertz. (abbr.: UHF)
ultrahot combined form of hot.
ultrahuman combined form of human.
ultraleftism combined form of leftism.
ultraleftist combined form of leftist.
ultraliberal combined form of liberal.
ultraliberalism combined form of liberalism.
ultralightweight combined form of lightweight.
ultramarine a deep blue pigment made synthetically or, formerly, by grinding lapis lazuli into powder. [5 definitions]
ultramasculine combined form of masculine.
ultramicroscope a microscope that uses light diffraction to permit the viewing of objects too small to be detected by an ordinary microscope.
ultramilitant combined form of militant.
ultraminiaturized combined form of miniaturized.
ultramodern very advanced in ideas, style, technique, or the like; very modern.
ultramodernist combined form of modernist.
ultramontane of or relating to the area beyond the mountains, esp. the Italian regions south of the Alps. [4 definitions]
ultranationalism extreme or excessive devotion to the interests of one's own nation.
ultranationalist combined form of nationalist.
ultranationalistic combined form of nationalistic.
ultraorthodox combined form of orthodox.
ultraparadoxical combined form of paradoxical.