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uncharitable lacking charity, generosity, or kindness; severe; unforgiving.
uncharming combined form of charming.
uncharted not recorded on any map or chart; unexplored or unknown, as some geographical area or field of research.
unchartered not officially authorized by a legal charter.
unchaste impure or immodest, esp. in sexual conduct; not chaste.
unchauvinistic combined form of chauvinistic.
unchecked combined form of checked.
unchewable combined form of chewable.
unchewed combined form of chewed.
unchic combined form of chic.
unchildlike combined form of childlike.
unchlorinated combined form of chlorinated.
unchoreographed combined form of choreographed.
unchristened combined form of christened.
unchristian not Christian. [2 definitions]
unchronicled combined form of chronicled.
unchronological combined form of chronological.
unchurch to expel from membership in a church; excommunicate. [2 definitions]
unchurchly combined form of churchly.
uncial (sometimes cap.) of, pertaining to, designating, or in a style of writing in large, rounded capital letters, used esp. in Greek and Latin manuscripts of the fourth to eighth century A.D. [2 definitions]
uncinematic combined form of cinematic.