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underpay to pay (someone) less than the usual rate or than he or she deserves.
underpin to support from below, as with girders or props. [2 definitions]
underpinning a structural support or foundation, as for a wall. [2 definitions]
underplay to perform (a theatrical role) with subtlety and restraint. [3 definitions]
underprivileged not having the privileges and opportunities available to other members of society; disadvantaged.
underproduce to produce in an insufficient quantity to meet the demand or requirement.
underproduction production below the level demanded or needed, or at less than full capacity.
underrate to value or appreciate insufficiently; underestimate.
under sail with the sails set to catch the wind's force; driven by the wind.
underscore to emphasize by, or as if by, drawing a line beneath. [3 definitions]
undersea pertaining to, located, carried on, or intended for use beneath the surface of the sea; underwater. [2 definitions]
undersecretary an immediate subordinate of a government official designated as a secretary.
undersell to sell at lower prices than (a competitor or the standard price). [2 definitions]
undersexed having a lower than normal sexual drive or desire.
undershirt a collarless and often sleeveless undergarment worn next to the skin on the upper body.
undershoot to shoot or launch a missile so that it falls short of (a target). [3 definitions]
undershorts short pants worn next to the skin by men and boys; drawers; shorts.
undershot projecting from underneath, as a lower jaw protruding beyond an upper jaw. [3 definitions]
underside the under or lower side or surface; bottom.
undersign to sign one's name at the bottom of (a letter or document).
undersigned having signed at the end of a document, letter, or the like. [3 definitions]