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unformulated combined form of formulated.
unforthcoming combined form of forthcoming.
unfortified combined form of fortified.
unfortunate suffering from adverse luck; unlucky. [4 definitions]
unfortunately a word used to express that an event being talked about is something unlucky or something that turned out badly.
unfossiliferous combined form of fossiliferous.
unfounded lacking a basis of fact or logic; groundless. [2 definitions]
unframed combined form of framed.
unfree combined form of free.
unfreedom combined form of freedom.
unfreeze to thaw. [2 definitions]
unfrequented having few or no visitors, patrons, or the like.
unfriend to remove (a person) from a designated list of friends on a social media website.
unfriended lacking friends; friendless.
unfriendly aloof, unpleasant, or hostile to others. [2 definitions]
unfrivolous combined form of frivolous.
unfrock to deprive of priestly status.
unfruitful combined form of fruitful.
unfulfilled combined form of fulfilled.
unfunny combined form of funny.
unfurl to release from a rolled-up position; unroll or spread out.