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United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration the committee of the U.S. Senate responsible for overseeing matters relating to rules and procedures in the Senate, federal elections, U.S. presidential succession, qualifications of Senate members, corrupt government practices, and the administration of Senate office buildings. The committee is often referred to as Senate Rules Committee.
unit fraction a fraction having 1 as the numerator, such as 1/3 and 1/x.
unitive able to cause unity, or acting to unite.
unitize to make or combine into one unit. [2 definitions]
unit of measurement a specific quantity regarded as a standard to which other quantities are compared; unit.
unit pricing the pricing of consumer goods on the basis of cost per unit of measure, such ascents per ounce.
unity the state of being a single unit; oneness. [5 definitions]
univalent having a chemical valence of one. [2 definitions]
univalve of, pertaining to, or having a one-piece shell. [3 definitions]
universal of, relating to, or characteristic of the whole world or the world's population. [6 definitions]
Universal Declaration of Human Rights the declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, outlining a standard of human rights for all people.
universalism (often cap.) a theological doctrine that asserts the universal fatherhood of God and the final salvation of all people. [2 definitions]
universality the quality, character, or condition of being universal. [2 definitions]
universalize to make universal.
universal joint a connection between rotating shafts set at angles to one another, permitting rotation in three planes.
universally in all places and instances; with no exception.
Universal Product Code a series of vertical bars printed on packages of consumer goods that indicates price, type of product, and the like, and that can be read by a computerized scanner. (Cf. bar code.)
universal set in mathematics, the set of all elements under consideration in a given problem.
universal suffrage the right of all a nation's citizens above a certain age, usu. eighteen or twenty-one, to vote, unless they are in violation of certain basic legal requirements.
Universal time see "Greenwich time."
universe all matter and space in existence, including the earth and the heavens. [3 definitions]