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unrig to strip of equipment or rigging (esp. a ship).
unrighteous of a person or persons, wicked, sinful, or evil. [2 definitions]
unrightful combined form of rightful.
unrip to undo, open, or detach by ripping.
unripe not ripe; immature. [2 definitions]
unripened combined form of ripened.
unrivaled not equaled; having no rival, peer, or competition; incomparable.
unroll to open or unwind from a rolled position. [3 definitions]
unromantic combined form of romantic.
unromantically combined form of romantically.
unromanticized combined form of romanticized.
unroofed combined form of roofed.
unruffled not ruffled; smooth, as cloth or still water. [2 definitions]
unruled combined form of ruled.
unruly not submitting readily to rule or restriction; difficult or impossible to control; wild.
unrushed combined form of rushed.
unsaddle to remove the saddle from (a horse). [3 definitions]
unsafe dangerous to oneself or other people; not safe. [2 definitions]
unsaid1 past tense and past participle of unsay.
unsaid2 not spoken, though thought of; unmentioned; unstated.
unsalable combined form of salable.