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unsalable combined form of salable.
unsalaried combined form of salaried.
unsalted combined form of salted.
unsalvageable combined form of salvageable.
unsanctified not made holy or sacred by consecration.
unsanctimonious combined form of sanctimonious.
unsanctioned combined form of sanctioned.
unsanitary not free of contaminants or sources of infection; unclean.
unsatisfactory not of a high enough quality to meet a certain standard or to fulfill a certain need or desire.
unsatisfied combined form of satisfied.
unsaturated of an organic compound, containing at least one double or triple bond, and therefore able to acquire additional atoms or groups by direct combination. [2 definitions]
unsavory having an unpleasant taste or smell; distasteful. [2 definitions]
unsay to retract or take back (something said).
unsayable combined form of sayable.
unscarred combined form of scarred.
unscathed not hurt or harmed; completely uninjured.
unscented combined form of scented.
unscheduled combined form of scheduled.
unscholarly combined form of scholarly.
unschooled not educated; untaught or untrained. [2 definitions]
unscientific not conforming with scientific principles or procedures. [2 definitions]