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unshelled combined form of shelled.
unship to remove or discharge (cargo or passengers) from a ship. [3 definitions]
unshockable combined form of shockable.
unshorn combined form of shorn.
unshowy combined form of showy.
unsightly unpleasant or disagreeable to look at; unattractive; ugly.
unsigned combined form of signed.
unsinkable combined form of sinkable.
unskilled without particular skills or technical training. [3 definitions]
unskillful not skillful; crude; clumsy.
unslaked combined form of slaked.
unsling to take out of a sling, or to remove from a slung position. [2 definitions]
unsmart combined form of smart.
unsmiling combined form of smiling.
unsmoothed combined form of smoothed.
unsnap to undo the snaps of, esp. to unfasten by this action.
unsnarl to clear of or free from snarls; untangle or clarify.
unsociable tending not to seek the companionship of others; solitary. [2 definitions]
unsocial characterized by dislike for the society of others; unsociable.
unsoiled combined form of soiled.
unsolder to separate (soldered items) by melting the connecting solder. [2 definitions]