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untidy not neat or orderly. [3 definitions]
untie to free from being tied or bound. [4 definitions]
until up to the time when. [5 definitions]
untillable combined form of tillable.
untilled combined form of tilled.
untimely not occurring at a convenient or appropriate time; poorly timed. [4 definitions]
untiring not easily wearied; tireless. [2 definitions]
unto to (except when to is used in an infinitive). [2 definitions]
untogether combined form of together.
untold too great or numerous to be described or counted; vast. [2 definitions]
untouchable not to be handled or touched. [8 definitions]
untouched not touched or never touched. [3 definitions]
untoward unexpected and unfortunate. [2 definitions]
untraceable combined form of traceable.
untraditional combined form of traditional.
untraditionally combined form of traditionally.
untrained combined form of trained.
untrammeled combined form of trammeled.
untransformed combined form of transformed.
untranslatability combined form of translatability.
untranslatable combined form of translatable.